We provide here a single access point to all the resources for teachers, parents and educators, available through the IDentifEYE project.

The present space is maintained by the members of the IDentifEYE partnership and is frequently being updated based on new experiences shared with the partners by schools piloting the curriculum and implementing the IDentifEYE workshops.

All the resources referenced below are available online under dedicated subdomains of IDentifEYE.


Online Repository of Material

A repository comprising material and studies considered in the course of the project for studying online risks and hazards and more specifically Online Identities, but also a repository of useful resources for teachers and parents.



Game Support Library

A repository of graphical/visual resources, predefined augmentations and sounds in support of teachers wanting to create their own games, augment their content and deliver a lasting educational experience.

Workshop Resources

All the resources for planning, organising, executing and following up on workshops based on the IDentifEYE didactical approach and curriculum.




The final curriculum of the IDentifEYE training programme developed iteratively through a series of workshops carried out in the life of the project. The curriculum is accompanied by didactical material supporting its delivery in a classroom environment.

The curriculum comprises five Sessions each with distinct learning modules.






Session 1


The first Session comprises the following modules:

  • Explaining the aim of the workshop
  • Identity labels
  • Identity labels – good practices
  • Learning types [8-11]/ Current society [12-14]
  • Learning types – good practices [8-11]/ Current society – good practices [12-14]
  • Discussion
  • Identity theories
  • New online technologies and identity
  • Discussion

Session 2

Interactive Didactics & Prophylactics

The second Session comprises the following modules:

  • Interactive didactics
  • Interactive didactics – good practices
  • Discussion
  • Elements of prophylactics [8-11]/ [12-14]
  • Prophylactics – good practices [8-11]/ [12-14]
  • Discussion

Session 3

Educational Technologies

The third Session comprises the following modules:

  • Educational technologies
  • Playing the AR game [8-11]/ [12-14]
  • Creating an AR game [8-11]/ [12-14]
  • Discussion
  • Teacher perspective on the lesson plan
  • First lesson plan sketch

Session 4

Creation of Lesson Plans

The fourth Session comprises the following modules:

  • Teachers create individual lesson plans
  • Evaluation mechanisms explained

Implementation lesson

The implementation lesson comprises the following modules:

  • Teachers implement their lesson plan at their own schools
  • Teachers fill out the evaluation documents

Session 5

Self-assessment & Evaluation

The fifth Session comprises the following modules:

  • Teachers summarize their evaluations
  • Discussion leading to a BP/ LL list
  • Certificates


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